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How custom is custom?

While the industry norm is an 8-hour battery, SAC offers 14-hour+ batteries — including the 72-hour batteries that were part of the custom solution SAC engineered for a critical government agency.

SAC created an underwater battery back-up system for a government agency.

SAC barcoded its back-up batteries to interface with a customer's inventory system

SAC engineering experts develop complete power system facility layouts to match system capabilities with your business processes and power needs. Plus, in addition to expertise with the batteries themselves, your SAC team has industry-leading experience with all parts of your system, including cabling and DC power boards. This enables SAC to make all the right equipment choices — the first time.

SAC provides solutions for everything from turnkey systems to subsystems. SAC uses a proprietary methodology for sizing your UPS solution that factors in:

  • Your business processes
  • Standby reserve time needed
  • Specific voltage windows needed
  • Cabling

SAC engineers then design your custom solution. From connectivity to features such as low-voltage disconnects, alarm systems, control systems and metering, SAC delivers precisely the right system features, capacity and flow.

Key milestones. Along with the system design, SAC identifies all appropriate equipment and project costs, and maps out critical installation dates.

SAC provisions all equipment needed for your solution. SAC delivers flooded and sealed VRLA batteries from the industry leader, GNB. SAC pre-stages all equipment before shipping to assure smooth installation. Through SAC, you receive excellent pricing and excellent performance from components that include:

  • Batteries
  • Rectifiers (Single or Three-Phase and Modular)
  • Ringing Equipment Inverters
  • DC Power Plant (Monitoring & Control)
  • Power Boards
  • Battery Distribution Fuse Bays
  • UPS Systems
  • Line Conditioners
  • UPS System Components
  • Voltage Regulators