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SAC uses various batteries, including flooded and sealed VRLA, and state-of-the-art Power Supplies. These batteries are mounted in Zone 0-4 earthquake-structure racks, cabinets, or modules to assure reliability and increase back-up support time.

SAC Battery Back-Up Solutions
use products from GNB Battery Technologies, Inc.

GNB is the industry leader in this field, providing an excellence in design and manufacture that delivers outstanding performance. Through GNB, SAC can engineer solutions that make use of batteries that go beyond standard 8-hour power flows to deliver over 14 hours of back-up power. Even more powerful batteries are available as well, including the 72-hour application GNB and SAC delivered to meet the needs of a mission-critical federal agency.

GNB XL VRLA 20-year batteries: In tests, 80,000 batteries exceeded 20 years of performance. All GNB 20-year batteries incorporate this patented technology.

Battery profiles

Absolyte IIP VRLA Battery
1200 Cycles-Sealed Absorbed Electrolyte Technology
20-Year Warranty in Float Service
Range 105-6000 AH @ 8Hr Rate
241 - 9267 Watts / Cell for 15 min to 1.67 V.P.C.

Marathon/Sprinter VRLA Batteries
Sealed Absorbed Electrolyte Technology
10-Year Warranty in Float Service
Range 28-180 AH @ 8Hr Rate
117 - 741 Watts / Cell for 15 min to 1.67 V.P.C.

Flooded Batteries
GNB produces Lead Calcium and Lead Antimony
20-Year Warranty in Float Service
Range 150 -8000 AH @ 8Hr Rate
1845 - 4370 Watts / Cell for 15 min to 1.67 V.P.C.

GNB Absolyte IIP Battery Information
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